Changes of the media news angle

The report, Aid money for development projects in Nepal linked to child labour, reveals numerous children under 14 years old in Nepal are forced to make the bricks for the industry development projects. However those industrial projects are mainly supported and invested by the developed countries or international organizations like UK, UN and Asian Development Bank.

Firstly, the story does give an explanation within three paragraphs at the beginning, linking the international aid to the domestic development projects in Nepal and then to the abuse of child labours. As Lugo-Ocando mentioned in ‘Blaming the victim: How Global Journalism Fails Those in Poverty’, ‘there is room for hope’ to change the western hegemonic journalistic value after 2008 financial crisis .The news angel in this reportage has confirmed his opinion. It seems to be a great breakthrough for the media in West countries, who indirectly indicates the infortunes in third world like Nepal has something to do with the developed countries’ blind aid.

In addition, the political stance of the newspaper itself, to some extent determines the responsibility attributing to developed society. This report comes from The Guardian, which is normally argued to representing the liberal or left wing state. Within the study ‘Talking about poverty: news framing of who is responsible for causing and fixing the problem’, liberal newspapers usually prefer to attribute the problematic social accountability to the society rather than the individuals.


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