The loss of information weaken the power of the video

Nowadays, more and more organisations or individuals have created their twitters or blogs, and uploaded various latest videos.These videos can be re-twitted and re-disseminate via the Internet. For example the ‘Child Trafficking in Nepal-2014 ’ twitted by Forgotten Children Worldwide(FCW), explicitly states the process of the illegal child trade with scene images, interviews and personal analysis.

Admittedly, the video has portrayed lovely Nepali girls and local scene. It also gives a simple introduction of the child trafficking by the executive of FCW.The video reasonable utilise the subtitle to offer supplemental instruction.

However, I think this video is not so persuasible and impressive, because it loses a lot of information.

First of all, there is no interview with children, even though there are so many beautiful girls appearing in the screen. It is necessary to include the local children’s opinions about the child trafficking in Nepal.

Secondly, the video lacks official representative to respond this issue. A woman who works for the government and takes the responsibility for checking the children at the outbound corridor does appear in the video, but doesn’t give any word.The only interviewee is a FCW’s partner worker.

As a result, I personally think this video is in failure because it makes no sense for the people. It doesn’t deliver any effective information to the public.


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