Do we only need hard news? We also need investigative reportage

Previously, I have read a lot of news or datas about the children education situation in Nepal, but all of these reportages only focus one side or too general.It is quite difficult for foreigners to understand what specific education situation the children in Nepal encounter now. Until I read an article Crimes in education from E-kantipur online a local media platform for foreigners as well, I gradually learn what has led to the education dilemma in this region.

Many media, both local and foreign ones, will ignore the poverty opinion or comments in editorial pages and  increasingly focus on covering typical issue. As a result, this kind of coverage method does catch the public’s attention but makes the journalists lose its responsibility.

Personally, I am in favour of this article because the author explicitly explains the elements leading to the education crime on the children.

Firstly, the writer has explored education problems from different aspects including delayed book, irresponsible teachers, uncertain examinations and over-opening permissions for new schools.

Secondly, some sensitive factors are also emerging in the article, which refers to the parties, education systems and authorities. For instance, no school dares to fire those irresponsible teachers because they belong to one major political party or the other.

Compared to the foreign media, local media takes the advantage of source and space to access to a comprehensive analysis of the problems. However the drawback may be the lack of powerful evidence.


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