The role of those international organisations according to their press release: take the Oxfam for an example

A lot of researches reveal that more and more mass media are independent on those third-sector organisations as their news sources. That is to say, these organisations’ attitudes and discourse to the developing world can easily influence media’s stance and indirectly have impacts on the public.

I select two press releases from Oxfam India.

The first one ‘Oxfam India working to remove roadblocks in education of Dalit children in Uttar Pradesh’, emphasise the situation of children’s education in India as well as a campaign to improve enrollment in Dalit community. But according to its headline, people may consider that the Oxfam India is the main promoter or hero to reduce the ratio of drop-out-of –school.

The second one ‘When schools continue to exclude, can education reduce caste discrimination in India?’, presents its another role- fundraiser. It does explain the caste inequality to some extend hinders the universal education, but it further links the caste system to the gap between the poor and the rich. And it points out ‘the economic growth can solve our problem’, which means the social discrimination may fell when the investments into education rises. Indirectly, it calls for the public to fund money to increase the education in India and then eliminate the caste system.


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