From press release to news release:different regions different key points

On the 9th of April, UNESCO released a 2015 EFA Global Monitoring Report ‘Education for all 2000-2015:achievements and challenges’. Various media adopted the source from this report, but there are quite different highlights in western media and developing media.

Western media prefer to emphasise the negative side of the issue and generally overlook those developing countries who have achieved the targets.

From the headline and lead, UNECO’s report pointed out only a third of countries achieved global education goals. However, the western media mainly underlined their failures. For instance, The Guardian’s(UK) headline is ‘Education for All scheme has failed to meet targets, says Unesco’ and Deutsche Welle’s (Germany)title is ‘Two thirds of countries miss UN education goals’. But NDTV, an Indian commercial broadcasting network still utilised original title in UNESCO’s new –‘only a third of countries reach 2015 education goals: UN’ .

From the content, western media would like to take the developing countries as the example for failure like ‘Trained teachers remain in short supply in one-third countries: in several sub-Saharan countries,less than 50% are trained’(The Guardian). They never referred that several developing countries like Cuba, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have managed to get the target,  but this point was included in NDTV’s coverage.


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