The shift of the public attention in media charity when involving the celebrities

The 7th edition of ‘Ramp for Champs’ a charity fashion show initiated by the Smile Foundation, was held at Hotel Renaissance in Powai, Mumbai. The aim of the show is to raise fund for the education of 1000 girl children from across India. This charity show invited various famous Indian actresses and singers.

On one side, this media event did catch a lot of attention from both the public and the media. On the basis of those celebrities, a lot of media like Yahoo India News, Bollywood Helpline and India West all report this meaningful event. Meanwhile some cyber citizens discussed heatedly online.

However, first of all, most of the media were concentrated on the celebrities who attended the show .For instance, Yahoo India News’s headline was’Huma Qureshi, Taapsee Pannu, Evelyn Sharma and Others at Ramp for Champs 2015’. At the same time, public are also concerned more about the celebrities in the show rather than its motivation. Cyber citizens left a lot of comments about the superstars on the Simile Foundation’s Facebook like ‘Dressing super’, ‘Kafi Lambi ho’ and so on.

As the article ‘The X-factor of charity a critical analysis of celebrities’ involvement in 2010 Flemish and Dutch Haiti relief shows’ mentions, celebrities’ participation in media event can grant the charity media an aura and increase attention, while it may also lead to oversimplification of political and development issue. It can blur the aim of the charity that support the underprivileged children’s education.


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