Conclusion: what should media do in the future?

Throughout this period of analysis, it is undeniable that the children education problem in South Asia doesn’t achieve enough attention. Most of the media reports are from those professional organisations or local media, with a few of them from foreign media.

Coincidently, the earthquake occurred in Nepal on 25th April and after that almost all the media respond to this immediately including the BBC, CNN and so on. This accidence proves the word again that ‘urgent’ kills ‘important’.

In combination, I hold that the media should improve their coverage through following methods:

1.Do more investigative reports rather than wait for emergency issues.

2.Carefully use data and make them reliable as well as valid.

3.Foreign media should avoid bias and local media should efficiently use its local source.

4.Integrate diversified media forms to reduce distance between the South Asia and the developed regions.

  1. All the journalists should avoid their preset stance (the middle or upper class).

6.Do not overdue exaggerate the plight of the children in South Asia.


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